How Old Was Jesus When He Died? How Old Would He Be Today?

Discussions abound regarding the exact age of Jesus at the time of His death. While a majority of scholars can agree to an approximate age, there’s still no absolute agreement on a precise age.

There’s also some debate around how old the Lord Jesus would be today. But is this even a relevant question? Let’s dig in.

How Old Was Jesus When He Was Crucified?

Jesus was likely around age 34 when He died. To know how old Jesus was at His death, we need to know the year He was born and the year He died. But each year has some debate around it.

The general consensus among many Christians is that He began his ministry at age 30, ministered for 3 years, and died at 33. But is that entirely accurate?

Nearly all scholars agree Jesus died right around Passover when His trial was held, but the possible years are up in the air. According to “Dating the Death of Jesus” by Helen Bond, some cite Jesus’ death as happening on 14th of Nisan, which would be Friday April 7th 30 [A.D.] or April 3rd 33. It’s likely He carried the cross to His crucifixion and died in April between 30 AD and 33 AD.

As for His birth, most people assume He was born in the year 1 AD, but this is also not quite accurate. Many scholars believe He was born in the year 4 BC. Britannica says his birth year was likely between 6 and 4 B.C.

So if He was born in Bethlehem between 6 and 4 BC and died between 30 and 33 AD, He could have been anywhere from 34 and 39 at the time of His death.

You might also be interested in knowing how old Jesus was when He was baptized.

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How Old Would Jesus Be Today?

If Jesus were still alive in bodily form today, He would be around 2026 years old.

If Jesus was born between 4 and 6 BC, we’d simply add 2022 or 2023 years to arrive at His age.

All that said, we can be sure that Jesus is very much alive today, dwelling with us in union through the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers.

It’s also worth noting that Jesus was born on the Earth in flesh in 4 or 6 BC, but He has always existed. He became flesh and dwelt on the Earth for 33 (or 36) years – ushering in the Kingdom of God, making disciples, and living as a normal human with parents (it’s unlikely they were toxic parents), favorite colors, and favorite animals. We see Him present at creation as a part of the Trinity and we see Him hinted at throughout the Old Testament. He is without age.

The Eternal Jesus

Despite how old He may have been at His death or how old He would be today – we know that Jesus is eternal and infinite. He dwells in bodily form in Heaven at the right hand of God, on the throne where He belongs. And one day, we’ll worship Him there.

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