Welcome to Know Mercy

We’re a small team of folks who are passionate about the Bible and helping all people read it better.

That’s it. Nothing too fancy. On our site, you’ll find a good bit of content on how to read the Bible, great biblical resources, and answers to a lot of random questions related to the Bible.

We’re not affiliated with any denomination or church, but we are all passionate about the local church. We hope our posts are helpful, but we strongly believe the best place to go with Bible questions is your local church. So we hope our site is helpful, but not a substitute for pursuing truth alongside Biblical community.

And lastly, we will often direct you to resources written by people who are far smarter than us. We may receive affiliate commissions if you click through and purchase some of these resources. Those funds go to helping run the site, and this won’t result in any extra cost to you!

Bible-Based Content

On our site you’ll find (we hope) wisdom and insight that’s rooted in the scriptures.

Helpful Resources

None of our writers are world class theologians (though they have taken seminary classes), so we’ll always point to helpful resources. If you purchase any of these, we might receive affiliate commissions to help us continue running the site (at no extra cost to you).

Bible Q&A

Because the Bible was written thousands of years ago, there are some topics and things that are somewhat random. We try to cover answers to common Bible questions throughout the site.

Our Team of Writers

Brooks Manley

Brooks is deeply passionate about helping people better understand the Bible and learn to read it faithfully. He leads at his local church, and has taken Bible classes from Dallas Theological Seminary and TheosU.

Nicole Gent

Nicole is a wife and mother of four children. She is a freelance writer based in a quiet coastal town in South Africa where she worships at a local Bible-believing church.