Bible Resources for Deep Discipleship

Understanding the Bible exists to help everyone from pastors to new believers better understand, meditate on, and apply the scriptures.

Whether you’re looking for the meaning of 11:11 in the Bible or you want to dive deep into the omniscience of God – we’ve got resources for you. We take a simple approach to reading the Bible, but at the same time we know that it’s a unified narrative pointing to Jesus that was written thousands of years ago. We hope these resources will serve you faithfully as you learn to read and study the Bible (or if you’re just wondering if there are vampires in the Bible or not.


What Does the Bible Say About Sex?

Surprisingly enough, the Bible contains quite a bit of discussion regarding sex. From the beginning of Genesis through the end of Revelation, we see sex celebrated and recommended. It is…

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

Jesus sacrificed His life to appease God the Father’s fury towards mankind’s sins. This act of Jesus also signifies God’s immense love for the beings He brought into existence. The…

the heavens

The Attributes of God: 14 Magnificent Traits

The Bible serves as a window into understanding the attributes of God. As illustrated in the Scriptures, He is self-reliant, all-knowing, all-powerful, boundless, and unchanging. Furthermore, God is characterized as…

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