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Written by Robert Krumrey   
Monday, 22 September 2014 22:59

bootcampladyIf you haven't tried out a small group, we strongly recommend that you do.  Growing in one's faith, whether you are completely new to Christianity or have followed Jesus for years, requires that you live out your faith in community.  Sunday mornings are just not enough for that community to be fostered.  We have three different categories of groups that seek to meet the growth needs of different kinds of people.  They are as follows:

1.  Catalyst Groups - These are temporary groups that focus on obtaining knowledge of basic Christian truth and gain skills for using that knowledge in the church and in the world.  

2.  Content Groups - These too are temporary groups that focus on learning something about an important topic relating to the Christian life.  

3.  Community Groups - These are longer term groups that contain content and some training but have a strong focus on building relationships over the long haul.  

If you are unsure as to which one to choose, click on the above links to find out more and feel free to come by any and all of these groups to check things out.  Questions?  Contact Ryan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

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Written by Robert Krumrey   
Monday, 15 September 2014 17:39

lunchonlowanWe hope you will join us this Sunday, September 21st for a very special day of services and eating together.  We'll be gathering to eat and get to know one another better after each of our morning services.  This is a great time to visit our church and bring along friends.  Here's the morning schedule:

9:15am - First Service
10:45am - Brunch in the Basement (Cafe in our main building)
11:15am - Second Service
12:45pm - Lunch on the Lawn

Hope to see you there!

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Written by Robert Krumrey   
Friday, 12 September 2014 16:12

MERCYhouse is really grateful today for 15 years of ministry here in the Pioneer Valley.  The Krumreys arrived here in July of 1999 and teamed up with Joe and Wendi Greene.  We had our first public worship service on September 12, 1999. It was almost all undergrads from Umass and one undergrad from Amherst College. That was the mustard seed of MERCYhouse which now is home to community members and students from as many as seven colleges and the mother of 2 churches. Here's a video of our story. Enjoy!


We Remember Jessica PDF Print E-mail
Written by Robert Krumrey   
Thursday, 11 September 2014 14:13

jessicasachsMERCYhouse had its first public worship service on Sunday September 12th 1999.  One of the Umass students that attended that first worship service was Jessica Sachs.  Jessica grew up going to New Colony Baptist Church in Billerica, MA.  She loved Jesus and came to Umass ready to be on mission with Him.  She joined Cru Campus Ministry and plunged into her academics, campus ministry, and social life.  She was full of life and impacted many people with her infectious smile and intensity about everything. 

When MERCYhouse was started, she was one of the few students that knew we were coming.  Because her church is in the same denomination as MERCYhouse, she knew of the hopes and dreams for a future church plant and prayed that God would raise up a church planting team to plant a church in Amherst.  When we arrived, she greeted us with much enthusiasm.  Even though she was in the middle of a really busy senior year as a busness major, she always found time to help out with every event, every tabling, every worship service.  She was one of the founding members of our church.  Those of you who have attended MERCYhouse are who currently attend, in some way, owe a debt of gratitude to Jessica for her tireless service during the early days when we were only about 20 people meeting in the basement of the Jones Library. 

We remember Jessica today because she was killed in one of the planes that hit the two towers on 911.  She had graduated from Umass and was working in Boston for an accounting firm.  That day she was on a business trip from Boston to LA and the unthinkable happened.  We were devastated.  Our church was mostly undergrads at the time and many of them hadn't even attended a funeral before much less gone through the tragic death of a close friend.  

As we grieved, we also saw God at work in the midst of this horrible tragedy.  We had memorial services here in Amherst and in Billerica.  Both services were attended by many who were not Christians, even some of the members of the media.  After the Billerica service, we were approached by one of the news correspondants and asked why the service had been so joyful?  She had been to several funerals for other victims of the tragedy and noticed a marked difference in the way people were grieving yet maintaining a joy in the salvation that comes from Jesus.  

The other thing that happened, was a financial blessing for MERCYhouse.  The Sachs family graciously asked that donations given in Jessica's memory be given to MERCYhouse.  Over the next year we received checks from all over the United States from people that neither we nor the Sachs knew.  The result was a sum of $45,000 that we put away in the bank in hopes of using it for the purchase of property.  A few years later, I stood in our facility on North Pleasant looking at the building with a local realtor.  I asked him what we'd need to do to take the first step in purchasing the building.  His answer?  Put down earnest money to the tune of $45,000.  We just so happened to have that.  

Thank you Jessica.  We love you and are grateful for your service to Christ and how it impacted so many.  A legacy that continues to impact lives today.  

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Written by Robert Krumrey   
Wednesday, 10 September 2014 17:11

lunchonlowanSunday, September 21 st, we'll be having opportunities to eat and get to know each other after each of our services.  After our 9:15am service (around 10:45am) we'll be having Brunch in the Basement in our cafe and after the 11:15am service (around 12:45pm) we'll be having Lunch on the Lawn.  We would love for you to join us for one of these and attend a worship service.  If you'd like to help out with one or the other, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

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