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rkrumDear Parents,

I want to first say thank you for allowing us to minister to your student during these very formative years. We take seriously the mission to walk beside collegians as they grow into the men and women that God intends them to be. This church was founded in 1999 with only a handful of people and has now grown to a church of over 200, which includes attendees from local campuses and our community. We're so grateful for the ways that the college students, who are the majority of our congregation, contribute to God's work at our church. They bring a curiosity, passion, and eagerness to serve that inspires. We also have a growing contingent of young professionals and families, including local college alumni who got married and stuck around. While these "permanent residents" contribute generously in order to fund the ministries of the church, we still rely on funding from outside of our church walls.


Would you please read on and consider becoming a parental partner?

There is so much that goes on here, we are not sure what to tell you about! We strive to be a place where Christians can grow deeper in their faith and make disciples, and be a safe, welcoming space for those who want to investigate what the Christian faith is all about. We have many small groups that meet weekly. Our "Community Groups" share meals together and focus on applying God's Word to our everyday lives. We also offer "Catalyst Groups" that focus on delving deeper into Christian theology and learning how to share the Gospel. Every semester we have a Baptism Sunday where new believers share their testimonies. Last year 12 were baptized into our church! One of the highlights of the year is an outreach known as Free Rides that occurs on Halloween weekend. These two days are the biggest party weekend of the year, so every year we rent over a dozen vans and coordinate over a hundred volunteers to help prevent drunk driving. We love Free Rides because it is a great way for us all to share the Gospel and show Christian charity to people who we may never otherwise meet. This year we gave rides to 1200 riders.

By the grace of God, we have been able to serve this community for over 16 years. Without the support of generous people outside our church, we wouldn't be able to do this. Would you please consider sending MERCYhouse a year-end financial gift?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Go ahead and ask your student about other aspects of our church, whether it is worship on Sunday mornings or our mission trips to the Dominican Republic. I'm sure they would be happy to tell you about them.

God Bless!

Robert Krumrey

(Lead Pastor)





Send check to MERCYhouse; P.O. Box 2203; Amherst, MA 01004