The Foyer (Sunday Celebrations) PDF Print E-mail

j0400915Welcome to the foyer of MERCYhouse, that is, the Sunday Celebration. We like to think of it that way because it's usually the first thing that people experience for the purpose of checking things out.

Our celebrations include singing, prayer, reading, and teaching. We also take communion every service which is a rite that was instituted by Christ and has been practiced by the church for 2000 years. It is a way of remembering the core of the Christian faith--the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. If you are a Christian, you are welcome to participate in communion. If you are here seeking to know more about the Christian faith, feel free to use the time for prayer and meditation.

Our prayer is that celebrations will be a time for you to worship God in your own unique way. In singing or in silence, sitting or standing, kneeling or bowing, with clapping or in quiet reverence.