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This Summer we are offering four different small groups that are meeting weekly on Wednesdays for six weeks starting Wednesday, May 24 and ending Wednesday, June 28th.  Participants are encouraged to bring dinner and eat together at 6pm in our cafe and groups officially get started at 6:30pm.  All groups are meeting in our facilities at 365 North Pleasant, Amherst, MA.  See below for info. about each group:

seemlessSeamless (women's group led by Melanie Krumrey and Kate Durand)

Ever feel intimidated by the Bible or have a hard time understanding a particular scripture? This is experienced by every Christian and sometimes results in a lack of big picture understanding of God's word. This Bible study takes learners through a brief overview of the entire Bible and gives them a greater understanding of where some hard to understand passages fit.  Study booklet is $15 and will be provided for purchase at the first meeting.


giftedgroupGifted (coed group led by Austin and Isabelle Kopack)

Everyone wonders from time to time why God put them on the planet. One of the ways of figuring that out is learning about your gifts and calling. This group will be discussing the teaching content from the sermon series "Gifted" and doing further study on the subject of spiritual gifts. Group members will gain a better understanding of what the gifts are as well as discover one another's gifts along the way. Study booklet is $5 and will be provided for purchase at the first meeting.  


kellerMeaning of Marriage (coed group led by Steve and Lauralee Harrington & Chris and Nicolette Blount)

Marriage can be a source of some of our greatest joys and some of our greatest sorrows. This study helps us understand God's original vision for marriage and how as sinners saved by grace, we can pursue this design as married people or support this as singles in the context of daily life. Format is DVD teaching by Tim and Kathy Keller called "Meaning of Marriage" followed by discussion.



qaQ&A (coed group led by Robert Krumrey and Patrick Cardwell)

Working through tough questions. All of us have them and our context is such that "questioning" the Christian faith is the norm and not the exception. We'll be taking any questions that people bring to our first meeting and spend the following sessions discussing answers. Expect to do a bit of reading in the Bible and of a few short articles to get yourself ready for each class session.